Home At Last!

July 31, 2016 – Home At Last!

To her many friends and followers (on this blog), Robyn wants you to know how truly happy and satisfied she now is. Sunday morning, July 31, Robyn breathed her last on this Earth and opened her eyes in the presence of her Lord and Savior, Bridegroom and King!

For more than two and a half years, Robyn simultaneously battled cancer and challenged every stereotype assigned to cancer patients. This blog was both her canvas and weapon. From here she reveled in the joys of serving Jesus, through the pain, and tweaking the devil’s nose!

She painted a strident, if irreverent, portrait of a suffering saint of God, for His Glory!

But that’s Robyn! I met Robyn in 1996. She was in her mid-30’s and even more emotionally energetic than you can imagine. I was operating a Biblical Counseling Ministry in Wilmington, NC, and Robyn was struggling to find her balance in a world that didn’t respond the way she imagined or planned. I must admit she was a hand-full!

Over the next several years she fought her ‘demons,’ not knowing that she was really fighting God. Over time she came to Christ, the infamous ‘Hound of Heaven.’ With her new-found “faith” came a whole series of New Challenges; challenges she met with the same vigor and humor that defined her life.

Over time she found her way to the Bible Baptist Church of Wilmington, NC,….A Church I was pastoring at that time. We had kept in contact, informally, over the intervening years, and this renewal was gratifying. I had repeatedly challenged Robyn (in the early days) to come to Church every Sunday morning, for six months. She did not need to pay attention. She did not need to participate. She simply needed to be there. Afterward, we would discuss her ‘problems.’

She never took me up on that challenge. However, now she was coming to Church on a regular basis. Unknown to me, she was keeping track of the time. After about 6 months, she told me how skeptical she was, at first, admitting that things had changed: spiritually. I can’t remember her saying “You Were Right!” but I believe she knew that in her heart.

In time, Rosanne came alongside and Robyn’s life began to coalesce. Through Rosanne’s patient ministry of God’s Word Robyn began to actually live the Christian Life. Oh, she fought it, for awhile, in her own unique way. Robyn never simply took someone’s word for anything. Show her something, explain it, and stand back while she worked through it, on her terms. Tedious as it often was, Robyn always came out the other side (eventually) more settled and more committed.

When the cancer came along, her first thought was to simply let it take it’s course. Not that she was quitter, but she had learned to let God have His way. Family and friends, however, were not as committed to this line of attack, so the treatments began. She was focused on being the best Cancer Patient the world had ever seen! She looked at every treatment; every surgery; every Nurse, Doctor and Patient as an opportunity to share the Grace of God. Her life was now her Message.

In the last weeks, her body simply wouldn’t cooperate. My last conversation with her was spattered with sarcasm, jokes and black humor, even as she was bed ridden and in serious pain: Classic Robyn. Her body was sick, but her soul was Alive and Well!

She appreciated each and every one who read and commented on this blog. Over time it will be published in Book Form. That News will be published on this blog. If you are interested in having a copy, you will be informed as to how. The expectation is to be able to publish it for under $15 each. The proceeds will go her family, to pay off the medical bills you can only imagine exist.


Her Friend, Forever, Pastor Warren Sprouse (Retired)


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