From the Pastor


DRobinetteWelcome, and thank you for visiting our site.  I pray (literally) that the information provided here will prompt you to consider visiting with us at BBC Wilmington.  Christ summarized God’s law by teaching us to love God and love our neighbor.  We love God by being obedient to Him…which for us means keeping His Word pre-eminent in all we do.  We love our neighbors by making disciples of them, encouraging them, and keeping them accountable to Him.

If you are looking for a church that values reverent worship…where music prepares our hearts to receive His Word…where the declaration of truth is through expository preaching and teaching…where the fellowship is warm and genuine…and where we believe that scripture is authoritative and sufficient for all the issues of life, then we encourage you to join us this Sunday at 10:45.

One of my favorite verses is Psalm 103:19.  “The Lord has established His throne in the heavens, and His kingdom rules over all.”

We serve an awesome and wonderful God who loves us and through Christ gives us the ability to love Him and others in return.  He has made us His own through Jesus Christ our Lord.  Think about that.  Not by chance…not by coincidence or even our own effort, but solely by His grace and love.  I am thankful today that “His kingdom rules over all”…including you and me.

David L. Robinette